Featured Illustrators

Featured Illustrators

Shown here are just a few featured illustrators who’s work we admire. These artists have produced wonderful children’s picture books, fine press books, prints, posters and more.

Reg Cartwright

Reg Cartwight is an artist and illustrator who has illustrated over 30 books. Born in 1938 in Leicester England, Reg Cartwright is an illustrator, painter and printmaker. His children’s picture books such as Mr Potter’s Pigeon show his painterly style at its best. His paintings and prints can be seen on the Bircham Gallery website.
Reg Cartwright, Mr Potter's Pigeon

Charles Keeping

Charles Keeping (1922-1988) was a Londoner through and through. Born in Lambeth on the banks of the River Thames his illustrated books reflect his deep knowledge of London. From the 1960s on into the 1980s Charles Keeping was at the height of his career as an illustrator. The series of books he produced at this time are full of his experimental colour images, as can be seen in Alfie and the Ferryboat. He also produced some excellent and atmospheric black and white books.

At the very end of his career Charles Keeping illustrated the entire set of Charles Dickens for the Folio Society. With his knowledge and affinity with London this commission was an inspired choice.

Charles Keeping is one of the great British illustrators of the 20th Century. His work was wonderfully experimental and he could draw superbly. The illustration below is from an early book The Dancer at Burton Fair.

Charles Keeping, The Dancer at Burton Fair

This beautiful illustration is a typical example of Charles Keeping’s fluid style of drawing.

Charles Keeping, Alfie and the Ferryboat

This double-page spread from Charles Keeping’s book ‘Alfie and the Ferryboat‘ shows the vibrant colour style he developed for some of his finest books.