A Countryman’s Anthology – The Squirrels Granary


A book of poetry and writings beautifully illustrated by Walter Hodges.

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A Countryman’s Anthology; The Squirrels Granary by Sir William Beach Thomas.

Illustrated by Walter Hodges.

Published by Adam & Charles Black: London in the 1940s.

This selection of poems and writings was first published in 1936. It was then reset in 1942. A Countryman’s Anthology; The Squirrels Granary was one of those books that were produced to raise moral during the the second world war. This type of book with its poems by Tennyson, Browning and Longfellow, its Shakespeare sonnets and extracts from Thomas Hardy’s novels reminded readers of the beauty of Britain and what they were fighting for.

The poems and writings are divided into subjects: Birds, Beasts and Insects, The Sky, Sea and Shore, The Months, Day and Night, Weather, England, Gardens and more.

Walter Hodges delicate black and white illustrations just add to that atmosphere of Britain and its countryside.

Hardcover with a dust wrapper that is damaged. However, the dust wrapper has such charm that we have left it in place and protected it a clear wrapper. Printed on war economy paper which is lightweight but clean and crisp. The pages are clean and bright.

This is not a valuable book but just one of those books that is nice to save and preserve.

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