Air-Raid Warden Practical Guide


A rare and fascinating booklet from the Second World War.


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A Practical Guide for the Householder and Air-Raid Warden


Published in 1939 in Britain during the Second World War, this fascinating booklet covers everything from Methods of Attack by Aircraft, to Types of Gas, Incendiary Bombs, Bomb Shelters, the Duties of an Air-Raid Warden and more.

The book is introduced by Wing-Commander E. J. Hodsoll C. B., Inspector of Air-Raid Precautions.

This rare surviving book, from the days when Britain realised that war with Germany had begun again, is packed with warnings, guidance and information. Written by S. Evelyn Thomas as a practical guide, this book has lots of illustrations, some in colour, diagrams and charts; also (sandbag) advertisements from the time.

This book captures how frightening things must have been in Britain in 1939 as the public read about the coming threats of gas attacks and bombing.

It is rare to find these World War Two books in good condition. This book is a small softback in very good condition.

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