Arthur Wragg, Thy Kingdom Come


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Arthur Wragg, Thy Kingdom Come

Arthur Wragg (1903-1976) was an artist, illustrator, pacifist, crusader and highly effective social commentator.

The first book that Arthur Wragg conceived and illustrated in the 1930s was called Psalms for Modern Life. This book highlighted the poverty, unemployment and depression that had grown in the Britain since the end of the First World War (‘The Great War’ as it was called!). Psalms for Modern Life had a powerful effect on the media and commentators at that time. It was followed in 1935 by Jesus Wept which heavily criticised the politicians, military men and arms dealers that were leading the world into war again.

In Thy Kingdom Come, as war started again in 1939, Arthur Wragg powerfully stated that “I told you so” in his introduction to this extraordinary book.

In his introduction Arthur Wragg reviews and comments on the build up to the Second World War. He explains what is behind his drawings, saying that some “were done at various stages of our peaceful decline into war, and can be taken as symptomatic of our Age of Confusion.”

At the end of the war in 1945 he also wrote, designed and illustrated The Lord’s Prayer in Black and White. This series of books are a remarkable insight into the depression between the two wars, the build up to war and the social issues of the time. Arthur Wragg is one of those rare artists who used his skill to comment, raise awareness and make change wherever he could.

Thy Kingdom Come was published by Selwyn & Blount in 1939.

This is a first edition, hardback with rare dust jacket. This book has the ex libris sticker of the author John Fowles plus an inscription by him on the price he paid for the book. There is some slight fox marking at the beginning and end of the book. The dust jacket has been repaired. The inside pages are clean and bright.

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