Bag of Dungeon, adventure game


This is the first-edition of Bag of Dungeon the fantasy adventure game with two extra character cards that are not available in later issues.


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Bag of Dungeon, adventure game


Bag of Dungeon is a complete fantasy adventure role player game – in a bag – inside a box!

This is the rare first edition of a game that is growing in popularity throughout the world.

You can play Bag of Dungeon solo or with up to four players. It takes 20 to 60 minutes to play and changes every time you play. You can explore and delve deeper into the ever-changing dungeon, collect weapons, defeat monsters and more. The game gets great reviews online, and is great fun for kids and adults.

This copy of the game is the ‘Kickstarter Edition’ with two extra character cards, the Minotaur and the Halfling, that are not available in subsequent issues.

This is a new, unused copy of this adventure game, still in its wrapper.

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Bag of Dungeon, adventure game

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