Black and White War Album, Battle of Obdurman


A rare and fascinating book published in 1899, full of photographs of the Battle of Obdurman.

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Black and White War Album, Soudan, No.1 Obdurman.

This remarkable book was produced after the Battle of Obdurman, which took place in the Soudan (Sudan) in 1898. This was the British and Egyptian victory over the Dervishes that conquered the Soudan. This War Album was published by the Black and White Publishing Company in 1899, soon after the battle.

This is a picture book with over 30 pages of photographs taken by the illustrator and photographer René Bull (1872-1942). The photographs show the preparations for the battle, some scenes from the battle, and the aftermath. It also shows the main characters.

The over 128 photographs in this book are from the early days of photo-journalism. They show a fascinating insight into those historical days. The book also has a full account of the Battle of Obdurman.

The young Winston Churchill (1874-1965) fought in this battle. It is famous for a charge by a British cavalry regiment, the 21st Lancers, armed with their lances, swords and carbines. Churchill too part in the charge. He was also employed as a reporter during this war and wrote a book about the campaign called The River War.

Black and White was a popular British illustrated weekly magazine founded in 1891.

This book is over 120 years old. It is a softback book with a wonderful cover designed by F Seifert. The cover has almost come away from the staples but the inside pages are clean and bright. However, there is some slight age-marking on some of the pages.

Read a full account of the Battle of Obdurman.

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