Bruce Bairnsfather Advertising Sign


Bruce Bairnsfather. Original antique metal advertising sign featuring Old Bill selling Empire Nut Brown tobacco.


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Bruce Bairnsfather, antique metal advertising sign


This is a rare antique advertising sign featuring the First World War character of ‘Old Bill’ promoting Empire Nut Brown tobacco .

Old Bill was created by the cartoonist Bruce Bairnsfather. Bruce Bairnsfather (1887-1959) was a cartoonist who created the humour needed to help get through the First World War. He was a superb illustrator, and even today his cartoons remain funny.

Size 74cm x 51cm (29″ x 20″). This antique sign is metal embossed. It is in very good condition for a sign around 100 years old. It has faded slightly but the colours are good compared to others we have seen. It is scratched in places but has survived well with very little rust on the back, and retains the charm of that era.

This original and antique advertising sign would look great in a restaurant or pub/bar. We have a number of posters which would also be excellent for interior decoration of restaurants, pubs and bars. Click here to see more.

We couldn’t resist this, a Bruce Bairnsfather cartoon from 1939. Things haven’t changed . . .

Bruce Bairnsfather

” Things look a bit better to-day, Maggie. They’ve had talks leading to conversations which have led to an understandin’ to ‘ave further talks.”

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