Buffalo Bill, Denis McLoughlin


Denis McLoughlin, a prolific British illustrator of children’s books and comics.

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Buffalo Bill

Buffalo Bill, Wild West Annual illustrated by Denis McLoughlin. This is a much loved book from 1950. Written by Arthur Groom, this book is packed with the work of one of the great British illustrators of children’s books and comics.

Denis McLoughlin (1918-2002) had a career spanning eight decades. He illustrated hundreds of books, including detective books, action annuals and cowboy books. This Buffalo Bill, Wild West Annual contains a large amount of his wonderful full-page colour illustrations plus black and white work.

This book is scuffed. The owner’s name is written inside the first couple of pages. There is some fox marking. One of the black and white pictures has been badly coloured in by a child. However, the inside pages are clean and all of the full-page colour illustrations are in good condition.

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