A book about Gauguin from 1947, nicely printed.


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GAUGUIN, published by Editions Pierre Tisné, Paris 1947, also in association with House of Beric, London.

This delightful and interesting illustrated book has 120 images, several of them printed in colour and tipped-in. When this book was published the world was just getting over the second world war and colour printing was rare in books. A great deal of care has been taken to print the tipped-in colour images well. This must have been a costly book in 1947 when the UK was subject to stringent rationing and France was recovering.

The book has an interesting introduction. It tells the life of Gauguin in a chronological sequence with extracts from his letters.

Somehow, this book represents how the world was returning to normal and how people were able to start thinking of things other than war and survival. Perhaps engaging with art helped heal the damage done by war.

Hardback with dust jacket. The pages are clean and on nice paper. Slight bumping on the spine and corners. The dust jacket has been repaired and is scuffed, but this helps give the 70 year old book its charm.


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