German Woodcuts in the 20th Century


A fascinating study of German woodcut printmaking.

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German Woodcuts in the 20th Century

This is a catalogue from an exhibition of German woodcuts organised by the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations, Stuttgart, Germany in 1984. It shows a wonderful range of woodcut prints, many in colour.

The evolution of woodcuts as an art form in Europe in the twentieth century is a fascinating subject. It is interesting to see how woodcuts reflect the artistic development of each country. One article in this catalogue discusses how this art form has developed in other European countries such as Poland, Belgium, Russia and Switzerland.

German Woodcuts in the 20th Century was conceived and compiled by Gunther Thiem. It covers the Japanese influence and Jugendstil (art nouveau), Expressionism, Der Blaue Reiter, abstraction, figuration, the Fauves and more.

Artists included are Wassily Kandinsky, Franz Marc, Max Beckman, Joseph Beuyes and many more.

Articles included are A Brief History of Woodcut, Twentieth Century Trends, What is Happening Outside Germany and more.

A softback catalogue with 178 pages. Nicely printed. The corners, covers and spine are a little marked. There is some marking on the inside back cover. The main pages are clean and bright.

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