Grand Bal de Printemps, Jaques Prévert


This is a first edition of the famous book, Grand Bal du Printemps by Jaques Prévert and Iziz. It is a is magical book. Published in 1951 by La Guilds du Livre, Lausanne, Switzerland.

The publication was created as a ‘song of love for a city’. The city is post-war Paris and the book is conceived, designed and produced by the poet, screenwriter and film-maker Jacques Prévert and the humanist photographer Iziz. The beautiful photographs of post-war Paris sit opposite the text which includes little extra touches such as poems by Baudelaire.

Printed in the gravure process which gives a deep and rich image, the quality of the photographs are wonderful. The typography, in french, is beautifully set in ‘Bodoni’.

The photographer, ‘Izis’, was Israëlis Bidermanas (1911-1980). Izis became a major figure in the mid-century French movement of humanist photography, alongside photographers such as Brassaï and Cartier-Bresson.

This is a rare first-edition in very good condition. The book is number Volume 158, Examplaire No. 3405.

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