Grand Bal du Printemps, Jaques Prévert


This is a rare first edition of the famous book, Grand Bal du Printemps by Jaques Prévert and the photographer Izis Bidermanas. It is a is magical book.

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Grand Bal du Printemps, Jaques Prévert. Photographs by Izis.

Grand Bal du Printemps is a first edition of a beautiful book by the photographer Izis Bidermanas and written by the French poet Jaques Prévert (1900-1977). This is a is lovely book, published in 1951 by La Guilds du Livre, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Grand Bal du Printemps was created as a ‘song of love for a city’. The city is post-war Paris. The book was conceived, designed and produced by the poet, screenwriter and film-maker Jacques Prévert with wonderful images by the humanist photographer Izis Bidermanas. The beautiful photographs of Paris, just after World War II, sit opposite the text, which includes little extra touches such as poems by Baudelaire, Herman Melville and others.

This book is printed using the Gravure process. Gravure is a form of intaglio printing that produces fine, detailed images which give deep and rich blacks and subtle detailed tones. The quality of the photographs in this book are wonderful. The typography, in french, is beautifully set in ‘Bodoni’.

The photographs in this book are so well printed that they could be removed and framed.

The photographer, ‘Izis’, was Israëlis Bidermanas (1911-1980). Izis became a major figure in the mid-century French movement of humanist photography. He was a contemporary of photographers such as Brassaï and Cartier-Bresson.

This is a rare first-edition in very good condition. The book is number Volume 158, Examplaire No. 3405.

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