Here’s Flowers, Joan Rutter


With beautiful wood engravings by John O’Connor.


Here’s Flowers, An Anthology of Flower Poems collected by Joan Rutter.

Every now and then an anthology of poems is published that is just a delight. Published in 1937 by the Golden Cockerel Press, this book is accompanied by beautiful wood engravings by John O’Connor (1913-2004).

The Golden Cockerel Press, published their books from 1920 until 1960. They were one of the great English private presses, noted for the quality of their productions, their choice of material and the commissioning of some of the greatest illustrators and wood engravers of that time.

Joan Rutter was the fourteen year old daughter of Owen Rutter (1889-1944), one of the partners of the Golden Cockerel Press. The seeds of Here’s Flowers were sown when, whilst on holiday in the 1930s, Owen Rutter set his daughter the holiday task of compiling a selection of poems. When she had filled two exercise books, Rutter saw the possibility of a book for the Press. His friend Walter de la Mare enthusiastically prepared an introduction and the artist John O’Connor was commissioned to provide the decorations.

John O’Connor was a new artist for the Press. He was a pupil of Eric Ravilious, who encouraged Owen Rutter to commission O’Connor. The wood engravings he produced for this book are lovely and show the influence of Ravilious on his style.

Here’s Flowers was a great success. A few years after its publication Rutter and Sandeford wrote of it in their book Pertelote that its popularity in World War Two was: “for the rare moments of our leisure, Here’s Flowers remains a book of refreshment, never more necessary than today.”

This book was published in 1937. It is a hardback in good condition with a dust wrapper. The dust wrapper is slightly scuffed and the spine is faded. It also has a tear on the back of the wrapper. There is some slight fox-marking on top of the book and on the endpapers. The inside pages are bright and John O’Connor’s engravings are nicely printed. Nicely typeset in Perpetua type. 199 pages.

This is not just an anthology of poems about flowers; it is a book about the power of nature.

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