Homes and Haunts of Luther


A rare and beautiful illustrated book on the life of Martin Luther.

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Homes and Haunts of Luther

Homes and Haunts of Luther is a beautiful illustrated book. Published in 1883 by the Religious Tract Society, London. Written by John Stoughton, DD.

Martin Luther (1483-1546) was the German professor of theology who rejected the teachings and practices of the Roman Catholic Church and thus began the Protestant Reformation. Martin Luther was also a composer, priest and monk. His translation of the Bible into German instead of Latin began to make the Bible more accessible to the general population. This had a tremendous impact on both the church and German culture. This also fostered the development and writing of an English translation, the Tyndale Bible.

Homes and Haunts of Luther is a well written book full of beautiful and interesting engravings. Each chapter moves on from Martin Luther’s youth in Eisleben in Saxony, through each stage of Luther’s life; the Diet of Worms to Wittenberg.

The book is in very good condition. It has a nice inscription dated 1891, a few slight marks but the pages are clean and the illustrations bright. The spine is bumped at the top and bottom and has darkened slightly. The hardback cover has a lovely gold blocked design.

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