How Famous Chefs use Marshmallows


Those with a sweet tooth will find this cookbook of marshmallow recipes by famous American chefs of the 1930s fascinating.

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How Famous Chefs use Marshmallows.

The collection of recipes are by famous chefs from some of America’s top hotels, including The Roosevelt Hotel, The New Yorker Hotel, The Embassy Club, The Lafayette, The Palace Hotel, San Francisco, and more.

This softback booklet is wonderful. It is an American publication, published by ‘Campfire Marshmallows’, Chicago in 1930.

How Famous Chefs use Marshmallows is illustrated with sepia photographs of the famous chefs of their time and their recipes.

Include with this booklet is a lovely promotional letter to the purchaser from the Angelus Campfire Company, Chicago.

This is a quirky book that would make a great gift for any cooking enthusiast.

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