IT Magazine No. 125, 1972


A counter-culture magazine giving wonderful insight into the 1970s.


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IT Magazine No. 125, 1972


This copy of IT Magazine No. 125, 1972 is packed with pure 1970s culture. There is an article on Bob Dylan, Life in a Stolen Moment about an unpublished poem, an article outlining a conversation between cartoonists and illustrators Robert Crumb, Art Spiegelman and others, album reviews including the Rolling Stones ‘Milestones’ album, film reviews including ‘The French Connection’, plus lots of rude words and very 1970s small ads about drugs and sex.

There is a fascinating letters page giving a great insight into the thoughts of readers in 1972. A home news and world news page with lots of criticism of the police, CIA, etc.

Robert Crumb’s illustrations feature as well as the Furry Freak Brothers and other great counter-culture graphics.

IT Magazine No. 125, dated 9th March 1972 is in excellent condition. Published in London. It has no creases or tears. The inside pages have yellowed slightly but are still clean and bright.


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