Lord of the Rings, Ballantine box set


A rare paperback boxed set from the 1960s.

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Lord of the Rings Ballantine box set

Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien (three volume boxed set), 1968.

This boxed set was the only paperback available in London in 1968. In the UK it was probably a bootleg set brought in from the USA. All that seemed to be available at that time was the costly hardback set.

The beauty of these books is that they are illustrated by artist Barbara Remington. Her illustrations are considered to be a landmark in style for that 1960s period. Barbara Remington’s original illustration was used for the trio of Ballantine Book covers, and in May 2017 Heritage Auctions in Dallas, Texas are auctioning the original artwork for an estimated $20,000-30,000).

Barbara Remington could not get hold of the Lord of the Rings books when she produced her illustration, and they were criticised by J R Tolkien. Read more . . .

For paperbacks that are fifty years old these are in very good condition. There is some scuffing of the box and the corners are slightly scuffed. Book 1 has been read and thus the spine is slightly creased. The other two books look as if they have not been read. The inside pages are clean.

Below is the original illustration as auctioned at Heritage Auctions, Texas, USA.

Barbara Remington, original illustration for Lord of the Rings, Tolkien.

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