Magical Mystery Tour


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This is the Beatles double EP Magical Mystery Tour, released in the UK in 1967.

This vinyl record contains six songs, a picture book and lyrics from the film Magical Mystery Tour. The film was first shown on the BBC. The music on these discs and this picture book encapsulate that golden period when the Beatles continued to experiment, expand their art – and have a lot of fun.

The double EP is packaged in a gate-fold sleeve with a 28-page booklet containing the lyrics, colour photos from the film production, and a story illustrated by cartoonist Bob Gibson. It contains two seven inch discs.

This package in very good condition. The pages are clean and bright. There is some darkening of the top edges of the pages. The two discs are very slightly scratched from use but play well. This is a nice and rare package from the 1960s.

To get the true 1960s experience put on a pair of flared trousers, sit cross-legged, smoke what you like, drift through the pages of the booklet and listen to these magical songs from that historic period in music history.

The songs:

  • Magical Mystery Tour,
  • Your Mother Should Know,
  • I am the Walrus,
  • The Fool on the Hill,
  • Flying,
  • Blue Jay Way.

The full story behind this record can be read in Wikipedea.

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