The Daily Mail Motoring Guide 1956


The Daily Mail Motoring Guide 1956, an insight into early UK motoring.

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The Daily Mail Motoring Guide 1956.

The Daily Mail Motoring Guide gives a wonderful and detailed insight into the state of motoring in the UK in the 1950s.

As Britain recovered from the Second World War its population took up the motor car in great numbers. More and more models appeared and more and more people could afford this growing range of cars. The Daily Mail Motoring Guide for 1956 gives details on a large range of 81 British cars, including their price, plus 35 ‘Foreign cars’.

Also in this booklet there is an illustrated guide to the touring caravans of the time. The Daily Mail Motoring Guide 1956 was published ten years after the war ended. People were taking their cars and caravans on holiday, including crossing the Channel to Europe. This was the beginning of a boom time, a time in which the motor car gradually became part of almost everyone’s lives and began to change the landscape.

The 1950s was the beginning of a global boom in motoring. The motor car began to rapidly change society. In the UK in the 1960s the roads needed to change. Motorways needed to be built. Bypasses were needed to divert traffic away from towns and villages. Traffic jams were common as more and more cars came onto roads and byways. Roads that had been sufficient when horse-drawn vehicles were the main form of transport, now the population had cars and were enjoying the freedom to drive in all directions. The Daily Mail Motoring Guide 1956 gives a fascinating insight into that changing world.

If you are interested in statistics the Daily Mail Motoring Guide shows detailed facts and figures on Motor Vehicles in use in Great Britain, New Vehicle Registrations from 1938 to 1955, Analysis of Accidents in 1954, Money spent on Britain’s Roads and much more.

There is also an informative section on Britain’s motor racing circuits including detailed maps of the circuits.

The Daily Mail Motoring Guide 1956 is a softback booklet. It is in good condition. It has 128 pages, illustrated throughout. The paper has yellowed slightly but the pages are clean and easy to read. Size: 7 1/4″ x 4 1/2″ (18.5 x 12cm).

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