My Years With Churchill



‘My Years With Churchill’. This fascinating book is written by Winston Churchill’s valet Norman McGowen. Published in 1958.



‘My Years With Churchill’ is a fascinating account by Norman McGowen of his life as Winston Churchill’s valet.

This book is an enthralling insight into the private life of Sir Winston Churchill. The author Norman McGowen came to deeply admire his “beloved Guv’nor” as he called Sir Winston. Norman McGowen provides a unique view of Churchill the statesman off duty, Churchill the artist, Churchill the author, Churchill the easy-going head of a happy household – and the host of men and women who circulated the life of the great man.

The life of Churchill has always been of great interest, no more so than with the release of the 2017 movie The Darkest Hour. This movie shows the period at the beginning of World War 2 when Churchill rallied the fighting spirit of the country as Britain faced what appeared to be certain defeat.

This book also contains some interesting photographs of Churchill relaxing on holiday, painting, meeting heads of state and more.

‘My Years With Churchill’ is a first edition published by Souvenir Press London 1958. This hardback book is in very good condition. The dust wrapper is bright and in good condition. It is slightly chipped on the edges and the spine has faded slightly. The inside pages are clean. The author’s name is oddly misspelt on the cover.

Click here to find out about visiting Chartwell. Chartwell is in Kent in South East England. It is the wonderful country house where Churchill lived for over forty years. Now owned now by The National Trust, Chartwell is a wonderful place to visit.

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