Our Hospital ABC illustrated by Joyce Dennys



Our Hospital ABC illustrated by Joyce Dennys. A delightful illustrated book from World War One.



Our Hospital ABC illustrated by Joyce Dennys, a nice rhyming illustrated book from the First World War.

Joyce Dennys’ illustrations are a wonderful example of auto-lithography using a very clever mix of colours. Each colour will have been drawn on the litho-stone. The grey is also drawn and printed leaving the white showing through. Notice in our photographs that all of the lettering is hand drawn. This style of auto-lithography will have taken a lot of time to produce.

This scarce illustrated book is a nice surviving example of the design and style of this period.

British artist, illustrator and writer Joyce Dennys (1893–1991) studied at Exeter Art School in England.

In 1915 Joyce Dennys was commissioned to produce the series of illustrations for this book Our Hospitals ABC. The book was written by Hampden Gordon and M C Tindall. Joyce Dennys also produced a series of posters supporting the war effort of World War I.

Our Hospital ABC represents the Anzac, Australian, New Zealand, British, Canadian effort of those who fought in the First World War. Published by John Lane, The Bodley Head in London, New York and Canada during the First World War.

A hardback book. The outside boards are a little worn and marked. The corners are slightly bumped. The inside pages are clean and bright with almost no fox-marking. A delightful book that has survived over 100 years.

Joyce Dennys is also known as the author of Henrietta’s War based on a a series of letters subtitled News from the Home Front 1939-1942.

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