Ravilious Submarine


Ravilious Submarine – a beautiful book telling the story of the unique series of lithographs that Eric Ravilious created during World War II.


Ravilious Submarine

Ravilious Submarine is a book that celebrates the unique series of lithographs Eric Ravilious created at the Curwen Press, London, in the early days of World War II.

Eric Ravilious (1903-1942) was already a successful artist and designer when he discovered the relatively new print medium of auto-lithography. This book tells the story of auto-lithography, how a range of artists in the 1930s experimented and perfected this subtle print medium in Russia, Europe and Britain, and how Eric Ravilious came to produce his set of ten Submarine prints.

The chapters in Ravilious Submarine cover ‘Eric Ravilious – A Portrait of the Artist’, ‘The Golden Age of Poster Design’, ‘Barnett Freedman: The Artist Strikes Back’, ‘ A Revolution in Children’s Books’, ‘Curwen and Carrington’, ‘ Homage to Seurat’, ‘High Street and the Picture Puffins’, ‘The White Horse Dummy’, ‘Ravilious at War’, ‘Marine Interiors’ and ‘A Masterpiece of 20th Century Printmaking’.

The book is a beautifully printed large format hardback (24.5 x 29cm) in excellent condition. Written by James Russell and The Mainstone Press, it tells the story and explains in detail the ten Eric Ravilious submarine lithographs. Published by The Mainstone Press, England in 2013.

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