Specimen Days in America, Walt Whitman, 1887


A rare early edition by the great American poet. Published in London in 1887 during Walt Whitman’s lifetime.

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Specimen Days in America, Walt Whitman, 1887

This British edition of Specimen Days in America was published in 1887 during Whitman’s lifetime.

Specimen Days in America was first published in America in 1882. This British publication was revised by Walt Whitman (1819-1892) with a fresh preface and additional note to ‘The Reader in the British Islands’.

Walt Whitman’s poetry has been called ‘quintessentially American’, and it is interesting that this early book shows his work was reaching Britain during his lifetime.

This is a very rare early edition of Walt Whitman’s great classic prose work. Published in London by Walter Scott in 1887. This book is beautifully bound in leather with marbled papers.

This hardback book, Specimen Days in America, is in good condition. The leather corners and spine are worn, as you will see in our photographs. The inside covers have marbled papers. There is some slight fox marking on the fly leaves. The inside pages are clean, however, some of the pages have not been trimmed when the book was bound. There is a small tear on one of the early pages.

To read Whitman writing about ‘A July afternoon by the pond’ in a book such as this, with old style typesetting, leather binding and crisp paper is the way Whitman should be read.

Size: 17.5 x 12.5 cm.

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