The Art of Denis McLoughlin


The story of this unique illustrator, his life and work.

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The Art of Denis McLoughlin

Denis McLoughlin (1918-2002) is one of the great British illustrators, known for his ‘hardboiled’ style. He started his career on small comics and went on to produce a remarkable range of childrens’ annuals, book covers, war comics and more.

This book The Art of Denis McLoughline tells the story of his development as an artist and the range of work he produced.

This is a superbly produced book. The first part of the book is McLouglin’s own autobiography, entitled Highlights and Lowlights of My Life, sent to the author of this book David Ashford. This includes a fascinating insight into the techniques he used; poster paints, airbrush, oils, colour pencils, etc. The introduction is by the illustrator Mick Brownfield. The second part of the book is The Hardboiled Art of Denis McLoughlin by David Ashford. This gives a detailed account McLoughlin’s work, and is packed with page after page of wonderful artwork.

This is the limited edition collectors’ edition. A large hardback, 272 pages. Size 220mm x 297mm. Published by Book Palace Books, London, 2012. It is in excellent condition.

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