The Battle of Britain, Puffin Picture Book


A beautifully illustrated book with hand-drawn lithographs by James Gardner.




The Battle of Britain Puffin Picture Book is number 21 in the series. First Edition. Published in 1941.

This book is beautifully illustrated with hand-drawn lithographs by James Gardner.  The lithographs are dramatic and wonderful, some black and white and some in rich colour; a great example of the beauty of auto-lithography.

The story of the Battle of Britain is well told by David Garnett. There is something about these wartime books that capture the essence and atmosphere of the Second World War in Britain; bearing in mind that the war was not over when this book was published.

Puffin Picture Books are noted for the quality of the illustrations and design. Puffin Picture Books were edited by Noel Carrington who was the originator and editor of this much admired series of illustrated books. He is now recognised for the high standards he maintained as a publisher.

This copy is in excellent condition. The cover and inside pages have aged slightly. There are tiny nicks on the top and bottom edges of the cover. The illustrations are clean and bright. The pages are flat and not creased.

Puffin Picture Books are much sought after by collectors.

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