The One Maid Book of Cookery, 1913


A rare and fascinating book of ‘Cookery’ from 1913.

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The One Maid Book of Cookery, 1913

This cookery book is a lovely period piece. The foreword to The One Maid Book of Cookery by the author Mistress A. E. Congreve (First-Class Diplomée) reads:

The conditions of living are fast changing, the number of gentle people living in small houses and flats run with one maid, or with no maid at all, is rapidly increasing’.

She also states that this book is a book of cookery, not a book of recipes, and goes on to say that it may help in the attainment of ‘peace of mind’.

Published in London in 1913 The One Maid Book of Cookery starts with ‘The Art of Cookery’, ‘The Art of Catering’ and ‘The Art of Shopping’. For shopping she has a word of blame for shopkeepers for allowing good material to waste. For butchers she says that one should be selected who uses a glass screen to keep road dust off the meats.

There are recipes in this book. The main content explains how to cook almost everything. There is also nice early advertising.

This fascinating book is over one hundred years old. It is a hardback, published by Herbert Jenkins, London in 1913. It is in good condition. The book has discoloured slightly with age but the pages are clean and bright. There is some slight damage caused by a bookworm (See photograph).

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