White Horses, Eric Ravilious



White Horses, Eric Ravilious

Eric Ravilious and the lost Puffin picture book. This book tells the story of a Puffin picture book that Ravilious was planning just before his untimely death in 1942.

This planned lost book has troubled fans and researchers for decades. It was know that Ravilious produced a mock-up dummy of the book but it appeared to be lost. However, in 2010 the dummy was found. The result is the production of this beautifully produced book ‘White Horses‘.

The book tells the story of the English hill monuments and chalk figures on the Downlands of Southern England, illustrated with the paintings that Ravilious produced of the chalk paths, river paths and hilltops of Sussex and Wiltshire.

The book is enhanced with black and white illustrations by the artist Alice Pattullo that add to the story of these unique features of the English landscape.

Published by Design for Today, London. This is a softback book on the style of the original Puffin books. It has a loose cover that opens and tells the story behind the Ravilious dummy and how this new book was produced. The book inside then tells the story of the Downland Hills.

This copy is in excellent condition. It is a lovely tribute to Ravilious and the beautiful features of southern England.

Read more about Eric Ravilious (1903-1942).

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