The British 1945 to 1995, according to Giles

The British 1945 to 1995, according to the cartoonist Giles

Carl Giles, cartoonist

Giles was once described by the cartoonist Vicky as “a present day Hogarth”; in many ways he was. His view of British life, the pubs, village shops, rain-soaked summer fetes, department stores, factories and farms, the upper-class and the ordinary front-rooms of his famous family, illustrate a unique picture of British life during the second half of the 20th century.

His cartoons start during the second world war and go on to show how the British dealt with post-war rationing, the recovery back to ordinary life, the 1950s and 60s, the Beatles, Carnaby Street and on through into the 70s, 80s and 90s.

He was also a great illustrator. Some of his perspective views from high on a factory roof or looking down through a Cornish village are beautifully sketched. His stormy seas, his damp village fetes, his snow scenes are superb drawings in themselves.

The Giles annuals are a great way to delve into Giles’ wonderful view of British life. Not only do the cartoons remain funny, even now, but when you study them closely you will gain insight and detail of British life in a way found nowhere else.

Carl Ronald Giles was born in London in September 1916. He died in 1995. See more on Wikipedia.

A Giles sketch of Hitler. Annual number 1. 1945.

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Giles annual twenty six, cover
Giles Annual 26, 1971-72

Giles annual twenty seven, cover
Giles Annual 27, 1972-73

Giles, Album 36, 1981-82
Giles, Album 36, 1981-82

Introduced by Terry Wogan. This annual covers the period July 1981 to July 1982.

Giles ability to incorporate a whole story in one illustration is shown here in this clever perspective drawing. Shown in the upstairs window are the couple being disturbed by the small boy in the street. Giles was a master illustrator.

The cartoonist Giles