Commercial Art as a Career, 1937


First Edition. Excellent condition. A fascinating insight into the world of commercial art in the 1930s.


Commercial Art as a Career, 1937.

This fascinating eighty year old book by Cecil Wade was published in 1937 when graphic design was called ‘Commercial Art’. For anybody interested in the history of graphic design this book gives a wonderful insight into its history.

It has chapters covering Commercial Art as distinct from Fine Art, Leaving School, The Commercial Art Studio, also printing techniques, how to keep up to date, free-lancing and much more.

With lots of fascinating examples of 1930s advertising, illustration and artwork, this book gives great insight into the world of 1930s design. In many ways the chapters, such as the one on free-lancing, are still relevant today.

Published by Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd. London in 1937. First Edition. Excellent condition. No dust-jacket. A nice clean and rare book.

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