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Orlando the Marmalade Cat

Our Illustrated Bookshop is for book collectors and people who love illustration, children’s picture books, artwork, fine printing, typography, art and design.

There is a rich heritage in the world of illustrated books that has evolved since the earliest days of Albrecht Durer when engravings were first used to create printed pictures. In more recent times early publications of Arthur Rackham, Beatrix Potter and others gave us some of the earliest colourful illustrated books.

Since the 1950’s and 60’s the quality of colour printing has improved enormously, allowing illustrators, designers, typographers and printers to produce wonderful artwork, illustrated books, children’s books, beautiful dust-jackets, magazines, posters, collectables and prints – and this continues today.

“We learn – or try to learn – how to live partly from books. The learning begins with looking at our first illustrated alphabet, and goes on until we die.” John Berger.

Those many unknown illustrators

Boy's Own Paper April 1959

Many illustrators have become famous for their work. However, there are many other illustrators, commercial artists and designers who remain generally unknown. These artists and crafts people have produced wonderful and striking illustrated books. This website celebrates this work.

Shown here is the cover of Boys Own Paper, 1959. This has a wonderful illustration on the cover by an unknown illustrator called ‘Redmill’. View this now.

Our illustrated bookshop displays the range of books we currently have for sale. Our book news has articles and information that we hope you will find of interest.

and those producing great artwork today

A House in the Woods, written and illustrated by Inga Moore

Inga Moore is an illustrator working in the UK who has produced a range of wonderful children’s books. These include The Wind in the Willows, A House in the Woods and several more. Her high quality illustration and great story telling produce magical children’s books that are great to collect.

Photography books

This photograph by Izis is from one of two books of photographs that were published in 1952. This book, Charmes de Londres, is full of wonderful black and white photographs, printed in Gravure that shows these beautiful photographs at their best.

Charmes de Londres, Izis and Jaques Prévert
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Regional cookbooks are much sought after by collectors. It’s fascinating to see old and unusual recipes from around the world.

Mrs Beeton's Cookery Book, 1898
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Artists’ Books and Lithography

Lithography as a method of printing illustrated books, particularly children’s picture books, had a golden era in the 1930s and 40s. Russian children’s books from the 1920s and then the Puffin Picture Books, amongst others, allowed artists to explore and experiment with this unique printing method, thus creating some truly beautiful books.

The Matchlock Gun

High Street with lithographs by Eric Ravilious is one of the most highly regarded illustrated books of its time. Produced in London in the 1930s it captures the atmosphere of an era.

The lithographs in these books were drawn directly on the printing stones or plates which allowed the artists to create beautiful overlays of colour.  The Matchlock Gun illustrated by artist Paul Lantz is a great example of this style of illustration. Another example is James Gardner’s illustrations for the Puffin Book The Battle of Britain.

The Battle of Britain, Puffin Picture Book

Eric Ravilious also produced a wonderful set of lithographs called ‘Submarine’ in the 1940s. These prints and the history of their development are told in great detail in the book Ravilious Submarine.

Hand-drawn lithography is still a printing technique used by artists and illustrators today. Read our article on the beauty of hand-drawn lithography.

Arthur Wragg – Penmanship, Poverty and War

Arthur Wragg, Jesus Wept

Illustrated books come in all forms and styles but few break new ground in the way that artist Arthur Wragg’s have done. He is part of a tradition of artists who engage in political and social comment; artists including Hogarth, George Grosz, Dorothea Lange – and today Joe Sacco, Shepard Fairey and Banksy.

Read our feature on Arthur Wragg.

Fine-art prints and posters

View our range of collectable fine art prints: silkscreen prints. woodcuts and lithographs.

'Poster For George' Shepard Fairey
Hokusai, Mt. Fuji in a snowstorm, woodblock print
Razor Gun by artist Max Wiedemann

New additions to our bookshop

Rorke's Drift 1879
Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft 1947
The World's Railways and How They Work
Thelwell's Motoring Manual
The God of Small Things, India Ink, First Edition
The Patchwork Cat, Nicola Bayley

Illustrator Nicola Bayley has produced some beautiful children’s picture books. View this book in our shop.

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The Wander Society

“I believe that the right books come to you at a time when you are ready to read them.”
Keri Smith, ‘The Wanderer’.