Giles Cartoons, Annual Thirty Six


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Giles Cartoons, Annual Thirty Six

Giles Sunday Express and Daily Express Cartoons, Thirty-six Series Annual. 1982.

Introduced by Terry Wogan this annual covers the period July 1981 to July 1982.

Giles’ annuals cover the social history of Britain from the end of the second world war until his death in 1995. Because there are very few references to politics in his cartoons the reader gets a wonderful insight into British social life.

Carl Giles was one of the great British artists of the twentieth century. His illustrations are superb, fresh and very funny. His depiction of an English pub, a country village, pouring rain at a village fete or an encounter with a policeman on a snow-bound road are more than cartoons. They are a unique social record.

Published by Express Newspapers Ltd. London. A softback book in excellent condition. Inside pages clean and bright.

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