Miss Emily and the Bird of Make-Believe


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Miss Emily and the Bird of Make-Believe, Charles Keeping

Miss Emily and the Bird of Make-Believe is written and illustrated by Charles Keeping.

In the 1970s Charles Keeping was producing a range of books illustrating his own stories for children. He was also at the height of his experiments in colour printing techniques. This book is full of his deft and beautifully drawn, colour pen work.

Charles Keeping’s stories are usually set in London and always convey his deep understanding of London life and Londoners. This story, set in a block of flats in London, tells of an elderly lady who gets the better of a crafty con-man, much to the delight of the local children.

This hardback book is full of Keeping’s glowing illustrations. Published by Hutchingson Books, London, 1978. A rare first edition in excellent condition. Very slight bumping on the spine. The inside pages are clean and bright.

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