‘Savrola’, Winston S. Churchill, pulp fiction from the great man!


A paperback by one of the world’s most famous men!

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‘Savrola’, Winston S. Churchill, pulp fiction from the great man!

This is a wonderful collector’s item. Savrola is Churchill’s only novel, written in 1897 when he was a 23 year old officer in the 4th Hussars in India.

Winston Churchill (1874-1965) earned his living as writer. This was his third book and only novel.

Savrola‘s initial publication was delayed by its serialisation in a magazine. The first UK edition of Savrola was published in hardback in 1900. When the book was first published Churchill was thrilled with its publication. However, in his 1930 autobiography he urged his friends to abstain from reading Savrola.

We can’t imagine what the public must have thought when this pulp fiction paperback by the world’s most famous man appeared in the bookshops in 1957. Winston S. Churchill the man who held Britain together during World War II, the man who led Britain to victory in her darkest hours appearing alongside Hank Janson and Agatha Christie!

Savrola, Winston S. Churchill, pulp fiction.
This paperback was published by Beacon Books, London in 1957. It is in reasonably good condition. The cover is slightly torn and scuffed and the inside pages have yellowed. But somehow this gives this book its incongruous pulp charm.

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