The Ladybird Books

The Ladybird Book of the WeatherThe history of Ladybird Books goes back to 1914 when UK publishers Wills & Hepworth published their first children’s books, under the Ladybird imprint. These cheap, cheerful and colourful illustrated children’s books evolved and continued to be published until the 1990s. Even after that the Ladybird brand has continued to evolve, and a series of parody books for adults began to appear in 2015.

The early Ladybird Books have a wonderful style of illustration that captures British culture, its countryside, towns, villages and industry over the last 100 years. They are a part of British history. Ladybird Books also published children’s stories and classic adventures. Some of these are now very rare and much sought after by collectors.

The Ladybird Book of the Weather.

The Ladybird Book of London.