Bill Sanderson Radio Times 2016

The Radio Times doesn’t support illustrators like they used to

In the 1980s a book was published called ‘The Art of the Radio Times, the first sixty years’. In the UK the Radio Times used to be a major showcase for our illustrators. Then it all stopped. Now, most of the Radio Times covers are photo-montages which are generally dull and rather ordinary. Occasionally they commission an illustrator but not very often.

The Radio Times was a showcase that must have inspired many budding illustrators; giving them a target to aim for. Shown here is a cover by Bill Sanderson for an April 2016 issue. Bill Sanderson’s distinct style is wonderful. How good to see one of our great illustrators on one of our national magazines. Please BBC, commission more like this.

Visit Bill Sanderson’s website and see the work of one of the UK’s top illustrators.
(April 2016)