Oz Magazine Goes Digital

The London magazine Oz has been put online as a digital archive by the University of Woolongong. Oz London was founded in the UK in 1967 in the ‘Summer of Love’. Oz magazine was at the forefront of the cultural revolution in the 1960s. It raised issues that nowadays are no longer so contentious such as sexuality, drug use and the environment. It broke new ground with every issue and challenged the establishment in a way that led to the longest obscenity trial in British history in 1971.

Oz was one of the leading magazines of the underground press. It published artwork by new illustrators such as Robert Crumb. Each Oz magazine is a fascinating display of artwork and experimental typography. The articles give a wonderful insight into the cultural evolution of the 1960s. (March 2016).

Visit the Oz London Magazine University of Woolongong Digital Archive.

If you are interested in the history of Oz Magazine visit the Felix Dennis website.

Click here to see issue 39.

Oz Magazine, London, Issue 39