Baudelaire, Le Spleen de Paris


Baudelaire, Le Spleen de Paris or City Blues. Illustrated by Rigby Graham.


Baudelaire, Le Spleen de Paris, illustrated by Rigby Graham.

Baudelaire, Le Spleen de Paris or City Blues, is a wonderful combination of the prose-poetry of Baudelaire and Rigby Graham’s striking illustrations.

Rigby Graham (1931-2015)  was a highly regarded landscape artist, muralist, printmaker and book illustrator.

Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867) was a highly experimental poet. He influenced a whole generation of French poets with his poetry and prose-poetry. Fascinated as an observer of urban metropolitan life, Baudelaire aimed to capture the experiences of the people who lived in the growing modern world of Paris. The prose-poems in this book create fleeting glimpses into the people and world he observed – Le Spleen de Paris or City Blues.

According to Baudelaire, a poem is as much an ‘aesthetic experience’ as it is a literary one. This book brings together the work of these two artists’ in a unique and powerful way.

Rigby Graham’s strong and colourful lithographs are beautifully printed on handmade deckle edged paper.

In Le Spleen de Paris or City Blues the selection of Baudelaire’s prose poems have been translated into English by the literary scholar and critic F. W. J. Hemmings. The book has a fascinating introduction discussing Beaudelaire’s prose-poems, plus a checklist of previous English translations.

A rare book and a nicely bound private press limited edition. Number 179 of 210 copies. Published by Brewhouse Private Press, England in 1977.

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