Darkness Over Germany


Telling of the courage of German children, and how they and others, including civil servants, military officers, students, women, priests, lawyers, academics and others resisted the Nazis.

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Darkness Over Germany

Darkness Over Germany is a remarkable book, written by the pioneering woman E. Amy Buller (1891-1974) and published in Britain at the height of the war in 1943.

Miss Buller had spent over thirty years visiting Germany from 1912 until the Second World War. She had a unique insight into the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party. This fascinating book has a series of stories of how the ordinary people of Germany resisted the rise of the Nazis. Her introduction to this book explains how all the material is based on fact. It tells  of the courage of children who opposed the Nazis; how civil servants, officers, students, women, priests, lawyers, academics and others resisted and opposed the Nazis. It tells of their bitter struggles as they tried to avoid and break away from Nazi enslavement.

This is a hardback, first edition. It has no dust wrapper but is in good condition. The cover is a little scuffed. Darkness Over Germany is illustrated with some fascination black and white photographs of Hitler, his fanatical followers and his gang. There are some light pencil notes on some of the pages. These can easily be rubbed-out but we have left them in. These notes seem to add something to this powerful book; knowing that someone else engaged with this subject.

Published by Longmans, Green and Co. First Edition 1943.

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