The Hiroshima Story by Toshi Maruki


The story of the bombing of Hiroshima by a Japanese artist and writer who witnessed the aftermath.


The Hiroshima Story by Toshi Maruki

Hiroshima was bombed on 6th August 1945. It was the first atom bomb to be dropped on Japan.

The Hiroshima Story is an illustrated book by the Japanese artist and writer , illustrated by Charles Keeping (1912 – 2000). Toshi Maruki went to the burnt-out city of Hiroshima to give what help she could to the survivors. Deeply moved by her experience, she painted a series of pictures and wrote this account of what happened to one family.

This book is a very moving and harrowing account of the bombing. The illustrations are very powerful.

The Hiroshima Panels are displayed in the Maruki Gallery. This gallery was established by Iri Maruki and Toshi Maruki, husband and wife. It is famous for its message for peace all over the world. Click here to visit the Maruki Gallery website.

This book is a second edition, published in 1985. Condition is very good with nice clean pages. No dust-jacket. Hardback. The corners have very slight bumping.

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