How to Drive a Motor Car in the 1920s


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How to Drive a Motor Car (in the 1920s)

How to Drive a Motor Car. This lovely old book gives a wonderful insight into the etiquette of early motoring. The text and illustrations explain how not to pull out in traffic, the problems of meeting cattle on the road, how to deal with powerful headlights, how to skid round a corner, misuse of the horn, mud splashing, and lots more. The chapter on Lady Drivers has been written with great trepidation.

The motor car is a technology that has transformed the world. Our landscapes are criss-crossed with highways. Globally our roads, towns and cities are choked with traffic. The motor car dominates our environment. Compared to these early days of motoring the technology of the car has now become highly sophisticated. This illustrated insight into the early days of motoring shows how we began to cope with this new form of transport. This book is a delight to read.

How to Drive a Motor Car is written and illustrated by the staff of The Motor. This is the seventh edition. We are not sure of its exact date but feel it is no later than the 1920s.

This book has lots of advertising for that period. The book is in fair condition. The paper has darkened and the cloth cover is scuffed but holds its charm as a survivor from the early days of motoring. A fascinating hardback book. Size: 7.5″ x 5″.

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