The World’s Railways and How They Work


A wonderfully illustrated book from the 1950s showing how the World’s railways were built and the engineering and design behind them.


The World’s Railways and How They Work

This book from the 1950s is packed with the most wonderful illustrations and photographs of the World’s railways.

The main illustrations are by Leslie Ashwell Wood who was a master of this type of complex cut-away highly detailed informative pictures. The images have hand-lettered explanations, and are a great example of the work of the gifted commercial artists of the 1950s.

Ashwell Wood’s cut-away illustration of Grand Central Terminal New York is fascinating. He is now recognised as a master of cut-away illustration and was the longest running illustrator for Eagle Comics in Britain.

Odhams Press published a number of these illustrated books in the 1950s. They are tremendous productions, packed with detailed information, photographs and diagrams.

This book has no dust jacket and is a little marked on the hardback cover. The inside pages are clean and bright. Almost every page has photographs and illustrations, all in black and white.

The World’s Railways and How They Work is a nice surviving book from a golden age of technical illustration.

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