OZ Magazine, Number 37


OZ Magazine, Number 37, the ‘Angry OZ’ from 1971.

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OZ Magazine, Number 37

OZ Magazine, Number 37 is the Angry OZ, published in September 1971. It relates to the obscenity trial in the UK in 1971 and the anger generated in these counter-culture magazines.

This magazine has a reverse side; halfway through the magazine flips and the reverse has a different cover with the title ‘A World of Young Love’ featuring a sexy young woman indulging in sex, drugs and rock-‘n-roll.

Number 37 is packed with amazing graphics and the usual almost-unreadable text. There are ads for the latest music from Steve Winwood and ‘Traffic’, Ike & Tina Turner, The Who, Yoko Ono’s book, the Rolling Stones at ‘Altamont’ and much more.

This magazine is in very good condition. The inside pages are bright and clean, although the text and images are a little on the ‘rude’ side, which is what you would expect as the 1970s counter-culture challenged the establishment in the UK.

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