British Design Image and Identity


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British Design Image and Identity

British Design Image and Identity is written by Frederique Huygen. Published in 1989, this book is a study of the transformation of design in Britain in the 1980s.

Frederique Huygen is a Dutch design historian. In this illustrated book she outlines the ‘Britishness’ of British Design. She describes the development of design from the Industrial Revolution onwards and how design in Britain flourished in the 1980s. British Design Image and Identity looks at industrial design, design in British television, pop videos, graphic design, fashion, retail and the designers and design consultancies that influenced this evolutionary period in British culture.

The influential designers in the book include Neville Brody and his influence on typography and magazine design and James Dyson and his revolutionary Cyclone vacuum cleaner.

British Design Image and Identity is a well presented and fascinating book on design history.

Published by Thames and Hudson in association with Museum Boyman-van Beuningen, 1989. Softback in good condition. Very slight bumping on the corners. The inside pages are clean and bright.

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