Frank Lloyd Wright, To 1910, The First Golden Age


Telling the story of ‘The First Golden Age’ of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright.


Frank Lloyd Wright, ‘To 1910, The First Golden Age’.

This book tells the story of Frank Lloyd Wright up to 1910, a turning point in Wright’s life as an architect and individual. The book tells the story of his apprenticeship, the formation of his architecture, the unveiling of the Prairie House, The Buffalo Venture, Unity Church and more.

‘To 1910, The First Golden Age’ was published in 1958. It is written by Grant Carpenter Manson. The forward is written by Henry-Russell Hitchcock.

This is a highly detailed book, full of black and white photographs and plans.

Hardback with dustwrapper. The dustwrapper is cuffed and has small tears and a repair. The harback cover is in excellent condition. The inside pages have some slight fox-marking on the title page, plus an owner’s signature. The inside pages are clean and bright.

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