Frank Lloyd Wright Pope-Leighey House



Frank Lloyd Wright Pope-Leighey House

As he became more successful in the late 1930s the architect Frank Lloyd Wright expanded his vision for the design of affordable suburban houses. This 16 page booklet tells the story of one such house – the Pope-Leighey house.

The American architect Frank Lloyd Wright was fascinated by the idea of an affordable house. In this case he meant one designed for the middle class. He described this type of house as ‘Usonian’.

This booklet tells the story of the design of the Pope-Leighey House and Frank Lloyd Wright’s vision for the Usonian house. It tells the story of Loren Pope, the man who persuaded Frank Lloyd Wright to design the house. It also tells the story of its subsequent owners.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Pope-Leighey House is a National Trust historic site located 15 miles from Washinton D.C. in Mount Vernon, Virginia, USA.

This booklet is published by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. It is in fine condition and includes excellent colour photographs and a well written account of the house. First published in 1996.

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