How to Build Log Cabins


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Log Cabins and Cottages. How to build and furnish them.

This wonderful illustrated book on how to build log cabins is written by William S. Wicks. Published by Forest and Stream Inc., New York in 1929.

How to build log cabins

Log Cabins and Cottages. How to build and furnish them has an extensive introduction with detailed instructions on choice of timber, how to prepare the logs, construction methods, fireplaces, chimneys, furniture, temporary shelters and wigwams, tin rooms to keep out rodents and wildlife, and even how to make brooms and tools.

The book has dozens of black and white illustrations of log cabins from all over America.

Hardback. Cloth cover. In good condition. Inside pages have darkened but are in good, clean condition. Slight scuff on back cover. Size 158mm x 235mm.

A really nice book for anyone interested in architecture and rustic building design. If you are planning to build your own log cabin this is the book for you.

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