Nobuo Satoh, Mezzotint, ‘At the Window’.


A beautiful colour mezzotint.

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This print by the celebrated Japanese artist Nobuo Satoh is entitled ‘At the Window’. It is a sublime example of his beautiful and subtle printing technique.

Nobuo Satoh (1926-2005) was a Japanese artist who produced very beautiful colour mezzotint prints.

This print has a deep dark colour background, almost black but not quite. From this background a group of cherries modulate around a beautifully rendered shell. The subject of cherries and shells is one that Satoh used many times in his unique vision.

Mezzotint is a drypoint process where the artist uses spiked steel rockers to create a dense mass of burrs in a copper plate. This creates a printing plate that carries a high volume of ink which when printed creates rich deep colour. To get the subtle shading for an illustration the artist burnishes and scrapes the plate to reduce the density and create tones.

Japanese artists have a fine tradition of beautiful printmaking. Nobuo Satoh was an artist who excelled at mezzotint printing. Many mezzotints are of a single colour. This print ‘At the Window’ shows how Satoh mastered adding colour to his technique.

Nobuo Satoh was a member of the Japan Print Association. His prints are held in several major collections including the Aichi Prefecture Art Museum, the National Museum of Modern Art Kyoto and the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

This print is a limited edition of 95/100. It is dated 1982. The print is framed in archival material. It is in very good condition. Image size: 195 x 360mm.

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