Japanese artist Nobuo Satoh, Mezzotint


A beautiful colour mezzotint.

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This mezzotint print is by the Japanese artist Nobuo Satoh, entitled ‘Bone, Shell, Flower’.

Nobuo Satoh (1926-2005) was a Japanese artist and master printmaker who produced beautiful colour mezzotint prints.

This mezzotint has a subtle pattern background from which the images of a flower, cherry and shell emerge. These images of shells and cherries are ones that Satoh often used.

A Mezzotint is created using a drypoint process that creates a printing plate that carries a high volume of ink; when printed this creates deep rich colour. The subtle shading for an image is then created by burnishing and scraping the plate to create the tones.

Japanese art has a fine tradition of printmaking. This print ‘Bone, Shell, Flower’ is a beautiful colour mezzotint.

Nobuo Satoh’s prints are held in several major collections including the Museum of Modern Art KyotoAichi Prefecture Art Museum, and the Museum of Modern Art, New York. Satoh was elected a member of the Japan Print Association.

This print is a limited edition of 24/111. It is dated 1984, and is framed in archival material. The print is in very good condition. Image size: 130 x 175mm.

This print can be removed for packaging or supplied in its frame. Please contact us before purchase so that we can determine the best way to package the print.

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