Richard Hamilton, Hers is a Lush Situation


A Richard Hamilton print, 1982.


Richard Hamilton, Hers is a Lush Situation

This print, Hers is a Lush Situation, was produced by Richard Hamilton in 1982. It is a Collotype and screenprint with the addition of a collage of metalized foil. It is signed and is number 80 of an edition of 100.

The print is based on Richard Hamilton’s early painting from 1957. Hamilton writes about the original painting, Hers is a Lush Situation, in his book Collected Words, published in 1982.

It is interesting to note that in the 1957 painting Hamilton used a raised panel to convey something of the pressed steel quality of automobile bodies. On this print he uses metalized foil.

This print is featured in a catalogue published in 1984 by Waddington Graphics, London, entitled Richard Hamilton, Prints 1939-83.

The Collotype was printed by E Schreiber, Stuttgart, on Ivorex paper. It was screenprinted at Frank Kicherer, Stuttgart. As with all his works, Hamilton worked closely with the printers to produce this artwork. The print is mounted and signed by Richard Hamilton. Published by the Waddington Gallery, London in 1982.

Sheet size: 230 x 370mm, mounted on board 385 x 490mm.

Read more about Richard Hamilton (1922-2011).

This print is in excellent condition. It is unframed.

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