OZ Magazine, Number 36


Oz Magazine, a cultural insight into Britain in the 1970s.

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OZ Magazine, Number 36

We can’t find an exact date for this copy of OZ Magazine. Number 36 would be early 1970s. This issue is full of sex and drugs, which is typical for this period in British cultural change. There are articles about travelling to Goa in India, lots of anger towards the establishment, fascinating small-ads and reader’s letters.

The mail order section lists books by Timothy Leary, The Prison Letters of George Jackson and ‘Speed’ by William Burroughs.

The graphics are great, with a very colourful cover illustration. The pages with posters for sale show what people were putting on their walls in the early 70s. The music posters shown include Joe Cocker, a young Elton John, Alvin Lee, Neil Young and more. Music reviews include Roy Harper, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, John Entwistle and Heads Hands and Feet. Groovy!

This copy is in excellent condition, almost like new.

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